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One of the most pressing questions of our times is: Will there be jobs for everyone in the near future? How will we, a growing population and an increasingly educated population, manage to secure a good livelihood and simultaneously build our dream careers? 

In recent times, we have seen the beginnings of collapse for big sectors in the Indian economy. In the IT and media industries thousands of people are being laid off their jobs, with no warning, no replacement job and therefore no security in sight.

This problem can perhaps be explained by the state of the Indian economy, but it is also fundamentally connected with the ways in which we imagine the relationship between education and work. 

There are several shifts that are taking place at the same time, all of them connected to each other in tenuous and solid ways: ‘Traditional’ (meaning pre-industrial and artisanal) occupations such as agriculture, handlooms, crafts, pottery, weaving, jewellery making, building, etc, are  rapidly being made redundant through mass production and import of cheap foreign goods.

At the same time, these occupations have historically been embedded in unequal caste and class systems which we now seek liberation from through more ‘modern’ and equalising occupations.

Our Activities on Life Skills & Livelihood Preparation

Vruthi Nota (Career and Me)

The career workshop is organized to help young people explore their work aspirations, ambitions, dilemmas and desires. Career aspirations of boys and girls, rich and poor, higher and upper caste, rural and urban young people differ greatly.

We believe that along with information on different careers and aptitude testing, young people, most importantly, need to be provided a space where they can think beyond socially-desirable and socially-limited choices and careers. Information about the  changing world of work, and reflections on their own motivations and needs helps each person arrive at their own unique career path.

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Livelihood Education through Baduku Community College

We don’t just provide vocational and technical skills, we help young people build dignity and confidence in themselves by providing life skills, knowledge, socio-political perspectives, and rights awareness as well.

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